Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crashing a light on the sea, Reflections still look the same to me

Jacket:Topshop, Top:Zara, Leggings:Topshop


Hello darlings!! Happy sunday...hope you all had a lovely weekend!! Mines was pretty good, went to see Breaking Dawn on friday!! My god Robbie Pat is amazing as Sir Edward Cullen......HOT! Won't go into detail about the film but its a must see guys so I highly recommend indeed :). Last night I went up to my friends and had a night in with the girls in which I was very well being a boozehound for me!

My harness boots ARRIVED!!! I got in from a rubbish day at work last night to find these beauties had been delivered, that certainly put a smile on my face!! How wild are they??!! I know I always say this but they seriously are comfortable...promise :)! They were only £25 and didnt take long to come from Hong Kong at all...very happy Shybear. Although my style is grungy anyways, these can definately be worn by anybody, especially teamed with a girlie cute outfit to toughen up and give a slight edge. All I know is that i'll be wearing these alot!! My fringy jacket is from Topshop during summer time. I remember taking it to TITP and forgetting how much I loved here it goes!

Enjoy you day pretties.

Shyz xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011




So here you have it..some of my finds that I have been drouling over since I came on the web tonight. MUST STOP INTERNET BROWSING (often in my case shopping!!)) First and foremost I have to give another shoutout to Sir Jeffrey Campbell.....those studded/spiked litas...well possibly the most beautiful boots EVER! However I actually bought a pair of 'similar' JC's on ebay a few days ago, black ones and was going to try and embellish them myself?! Haven't been arty for a while so shall see how well that turns out. Will keep you babecasts updated.

The other wee finds are pretty much just things I came across which I generally liked....
And last but not least my dream DSLR. If only dreams came true........

Shyz xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell, Jacket:Miss Selfridge

 OH MY GOD!! Are you guys as in love with these as I am?!?!
Bought these absolute gems from last week and have not had them off my feet ever since. An even bigger bonus despite the fact they are massively high they are THEE most comfortable shoes that have ever graced my tiny wee feet. :) According to my mum they look like circus shoes but i am totally lovestruck....even so I have vowed to purchase a pair of these designer beauties every month. I knew buying black ones first would probably be a sensible option but these ruby red velvet ones just stood out from the crowd. A girl cant have too much LITAS in their life right?!

Hope you enjoy as much as me....oh and these will constantly be in my blog :)

Shyz xx


Singing in the old bar, Swinging with the old stars

Dress:Love, Jacket:Topshop

Hello darlings. WOW its been a while since my last blog post. Apologies I have been having a bit of a mare with my computer/internet.......but after over a week of troubles, fingers crossed we are back in action :). The template for the blog getting a bit boring other half Stace is on it this week...wiitttt woooo.

I have been rather productive though and have been taking ALOT of photographs.....but I am treating myself to a DSLR this xmas!! :) May you beautiful people be kind enough to share any suggestions as I really want to make the right choice????? Thanks...x

The oufit I am wearing here has got to be one of my favourites at the moment!! To be honest I am not the biggest fan of leopard print but this one really caught my eye.....really similar to the DandG print don't you think? You can bag yourself one from The cross earrings I have on in the pic too are from Topshop by Freedom. I spyed a similar pair on Caggie Dunlop from Made In Chelsea and instantly had to find myself a pair!!

Shyz xx