Sunday, 30 October 2011

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When we were strangers, I watched you from afar

                                                       Skirt: Topshop, Top: American Apparall, Boots: Topshop

So was browsing through my computer and came across these forgotten snaps from summer which were originally to be used for our they go....finally. I absolutely love the skirt...the tie dye definately suits my inner hippy :). I realised it would probably not be a good idea to wear in the winter, however I could team with a pair of black tights?? Only problem is the fabric blows in the winter....and this being Scotland..maybe not. O well back in the wardrobe for a few months :(. The boots on the other hand are carrying me right through this wintery weather, I can't get enough of the wee beauties.

Had a pretty good weekend, went for a lovely dinner on friday and after three long weeks of being a hermit, I threw on my gladrags and went for a few drinks with my friends and had fun afterwards. Very much needed. Can indeed say im a happy Shybear today :D

Shyz xx

Fate my friend, You say the strangest things, I find, sometimes

                                  Kimono Jacket: Topshop, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Rings: LLYMLRS you love my new kimono??? It simply is AMAZING. I spotted it in the last chance to buy section in Topshop and even better it was in sale, £75 reduced to £ this was a must buy obviously. Its so easy to wear and goes with absolutely anything, dressed down or just thrown on with a pair of jeans :). Im happy to say that my leather trousers are back in action also...after a wee wardrobe malfunction were the zip burst (at my work, slightly embarrasing) i finally got them sorted! I will be overwearing now......hope you love.

Just a wee snapage of my new locks darlings....i know its not a MEGA change from my last ombre session but its much blonder and am a very happy girl :). My dear friend Alana is my hair genius and experimentor. I always go to her with new ideas and shes like, "here we go again" haha. I actually got lilac ends done but they have faded already. Better luck next time. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)

Shyz xx

Pulling shapes just for your eyes

                                          Dress: Love, Jacket:Topshop, Rings: llymlrs

Babecasts, HELLO. Apologies for the lack of blogging and since we are new to this you'd think we'd have heaps to post. Unfortunately I am a full time concession manager at Topshop and find it hard to manage my time :(. Gonna try my hardest to post every few days though pretties.

I am absolutely loving the fact that maxi dresses are being carried out into winter. HOORAY. I love this due to the fact that I pretty much wore them the whole of summer. Check out this one, its absolutely gorgeous. I really love the colour in particular and the way it floats in the wind when your outside walking....dramatic. You can buy this wee gem from and you get this style in loads of different colours and prints too :) Hope you guys like.


Do you guys love my rings?? :) I got these ones from style and fashion blogger Lily Melrose (LLYMLRS) and you can buy them through her website loads to choose from. My ones were 3 for £8.

Shyzx xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Babecasts!! Check out my new gorg winter coat (which will no doubt be the start of many....) but since its my first for the year makes me love it even more. I first came across it when I got my monthly asos magazine delivered and was instantly lusting over this. It took a while to find but ive now got my hands on it and gonna wear until its falling apart. Was absolutely crazy over aztec this summer...not changing!! Enjoy.....:)

Shyz xx


Hello pretties....check out my new sparkly gems. IM IN LOVE. I bought them last tuesday when I was down in Glasgow visiting fellow Diamond Solitaire babe Stacey when we were scouring for inspiration, arent they amazing?! Unfortunately im up in Aberdeen and we dont have the pleasure of a Urban Outfitters so as soon as I get a chance to visit I go crazy. Hope you enjoy as much as me!!

Shyzx xx


Hello babecasts. So this is our first ever post :). I've been hunting the web for hours trying to find the perfect harness ring....and finally came across this wee beauty. Its from ebay and by fellow bloggers Tiger by the Tail. Had it shipped all the way from the US for free at a total bargain. However I am slightly more in love with MIC Caggie Dunlop's harness ring from Urban Outfitters but since I cant find it il enjoy this one for now. Hope you guys like <3

Shyz xx