Sunday, 20 January 2013

What I have is yours to share

008 IMG_4434 IMG_4435 IMG_4437

Hey guys....freezing today. Hence the wooley hat and massive cosy jumper. I featured this hairy beast last year but its still a firm wardrobe staple of mine and at a small £5 vintage shop buy, you really can't go wrong. I must admit I'm a major sucker at the moment for a good tapered trouser. I have an array but these ones are a strong contender for the number one spot. As you can see their a little on the baggy side but I tend to buy my trouser in a size up. Kind of like that cool baggy shape where u can turn up the ends OR I just like dressing in shapless boyish style clothes. Love the print and colour of these ones, I'm sure they'll take me through to summer. Very 70's.

Shyz xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Don't throw your fortune away

005 004
003 002 001 Jumper: Topshop Trousers: Topshop Boots: ASOS Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company

Nice winter day to showcase some more of my new threads. Ok so I'm rather matching today...not my usual scene but I am a massive fan of here it goes!!! Loving the Cambridge Satchel Company so much I may have to make another investment.

P.s Is anyone raving excited about Foals new album "Holy Fire"?? I am!! Here's a listen!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So I hold two fingers up to yesterday





Happy New Year and 2013 folks!! Ok so it has been a real long time since I blogged last. Along with lifes little stresses, a promotion and pretty much juggling everything I had no time nor inspiration to post. New year, new start though and today is how I mean to go on. I'm back! Mwah xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

Boots: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Top: River Island
Hat: Forever 21

Hungover sunday guys? I am!! Was such a wild one for my friends birthday and by god I am feeling it today. I have showcased a few of these items I am wearing before but decided to style a bit different and to the more appropriate weather climate. Absolutely love throwing on my beanie for absolute hair mare days. Really want rid of my ombre now but don't want to dye my hair, spent a few years patiently waiting for my natural colour again, no way am I ruining it now. I am delighted to show you pretties my new boots. After lusting over them on the Topshop webby for ages and being heartbroken that everytime they reappear a massive SOLD OUT pops up, they are mine!!!!


Shyz xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I want to be unstoppable

Disco Pants: River Island
Top: River Island
Shoes: Vintage

It's my birthday pretty people. O yes the big 24......I must admit it is hitting me rather hard today, I'm almost what you'd describe as mid twenties. EEEKK. Since everyone working and its my day of, alone (sob sob) I wont receive my goodies until later. Good news is though I have got all my spending money for Malia in a few weeks from gifts, woooooooo. I can now finally treat myself. Forgot what that feels like. I bought this lovely jumper the other day from River Island. It's not always my favourite stores but I must say they have some fab items in at the moment. I can't stop wearing my disco pants. I still want the real deal. 

Enjoy the sunshine folks :) 
Shyz x