Thursday, 29 December 2011

I found an island in your arms, Country in your eyes


Shoes:Urban Outfitters

Shirt:Oh my love

Babecasts how ace is my new shirt by Oh My can bag yourself one from or any Topshop store that carries the concession. I normally don't wear my blouses buttons all the way up as  it doesn't do much for my shape but I love this one. Teamed with my wee cut out brogues which are Deena and Ozzy from Urban Outfitters (£35 down from £70) BARGAIN!!

Shyz xx

Like a dying rose in the cold you froze, I'm holding the thorns on the floor

ASOS cross


Marc Jacob limited edition watch

Jeffrey Campbell Litas


S**t the bed!! Mega photo upload today guys...since i've been rather flaky on the blogging front :(. Did you all have a good Xmas babecasts?? Mines was lovely and was a very spoiled girl as per of prezzies to follow. Today I decided to pap my lovely metallic pencil skirt from none other than Toppers!! Its great dressed up with the litas or for my work thrown on with a pair of biker boots! Hope you like!

Shyz xx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A kick in the teeth is good for some, A kiss with a fist is better than none

Rings:llymlrs,ebay,miss selfridge


Jumper:Motel,Skirt:New Look,

Hello darlings!! Good day? My day off has been pretty good...smiley Shybear. I really do wish I could post everyday guys...silly work. :( Today has been a good day weather wise..the snow has gone.YAY. Its still mega cold though hence why I've wore a big cosy jumper :)...this ones from I recently saw Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud in a magazine the other day and noticed how similar my one was to hers. Teamed it with a with my pleated skirt from New Look and vintage shoes all the way from NYC...great forgotten find from my wardrobe today. 

Shyz xx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Like it was written in my soul from me to you, Tangled up in blue



Jewellery:LLYMLRS + Freedom

As you can see I've been snap happy this afternoon, well....(motherbear has). Was out all weekend so feeling uber tired today but still managed to put some glad rags on and get blogging :). Do you babecasts like today's outfit? My amazing skirt is from beautiful. I am pretty small and don't particularly think I pull of midi lengths that well..but I really don't care as I love them too much! As soon as this one came into store I had to have it..the cut and style is very feminine but the colour and print give it that edgy/grunge feel (which am all about). It was £38. The black and colourful knit jumper I have on is from a vintage store in Glasgow called Mr.Ben. If you ever find yourself in the city go down and have a look...loadsa good gems :)

Hope you had a good weekend folks..

Shyz xx

It's just what all young lovers do

Dress:Pop couture,Shoes:Topshop

Hello darlings!! This outfit was the nombre I chose to wear to my Xmas party with my friends last night! Do you like? I was scanning through LOOK magazine a few weeks ago and came across this sexy looks really similar to Daise Lowe one by Elie Saab below:

Mines is a great homage to this designer beauty and at only £16 (unbelievable) I'm definitely not complaining.You can bag yourself one like mine from My shoes are last year from Topshop...I ended up getting them in every colour as they are so comfortable. Teamed it with lace socks from Topshop also to add a bit more detail AND the snake arm band from Asos. Love, love. 

Shyz xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Here's a wee sneak preview of what I was getting up to this past Topshop Xmas night out! These are just a few of the beauties that I work with :). Every ones outfit were rocking and they looked amaze! Had such a fun night letting our hair down...these are some of the nice pics...we were all proper boozehounds later and the photos well.....NOT so nice!! My oversized beaded playsuit that I wore was from ASOS last year....I still absolutely love it!! I teamed it with my Jeffrey red velvet litas!

Shyz xx

Shoe Angels

Lovely JC box

Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell
OOOOFFFTTTTTT!!! Check out my new bad boys!! They are hands down the best things I have ever owned in my so in love..
Look how lovely the box is. I actually started laughing when I first opened the box as the come with a caution warning...what?! I was going to showcase these darlings at the weekend for my works night out but was too afraid to ruin them...I will however be brave and wear this weekend :). I have already raved on about how comfortable Lita's are and these are no different..however they are slightly heavier on your feet than the others..proper eye catching!!! They were shipped from America from and including importation charges, cost about £150 altogether. Most definitely worth in my opinion. 

Before I forget..look how productive I've been today..:)

My new rings arrived today from Lily Melrose...I love them!! I got the mixed ring package this time, where Lily picks 5 for you and it only costs a tenner!! :). You can find them on

Shyz xx

She wants a sweet little antique diamond solitaire

Cape, Jeans, Boots:Topshop

Studded Boots:Topshop
Hi beauties!! Here are some pics from my outfit of choice today.....not very exciting I know but it was absolutely freezing today so got out my wee cape from last year, I still think its amaze! This tartan nombre was one of my buys from Toppers last year! Its got fleecy lining all inside :)...very handy for my mornings spent on the bus. My wee studded mahogany boots were Topshop premium a few months may still be able to purchase from

Shyz xx