Sunday, 20 January 2013

What I have is yours to share

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Hey guys....freezing today. Hence the wooley hat and massive cosy jumper. I featured this hairy beast last year but its still a firm wardrobe staple of mine and at a small £5 vintage shop buy, you really can't go wrong. I must admit I'm a major sucker at the moment for a good tapered trouser. I have an array but these ones are a strong contender for the number one spot. As you can see their a little on the baggy side but I tend to buy my trouser in a size up. Kind of like that cool baggy shape where u can turn up the ends OR I just like dressing in shapless boyish style clothes. Love the print and colour of these ones, I'm sure they'll take me through to summer. Very 70's.

Shyz xx

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  1. It has been super cold! Love the bobble hat, I really need to find one, you looks super cosy in it. xx