Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pulling shapes just for your eyes

                                          Dress: Love, Jacket:Topshop, Rings: llymlrs

Babecasts, HELLO. Apologies for the lack of blogging and since we are new to this you'd think we'd have heaps to post. Unfortunately I am a full time concession manager at Topshop and find it hard to manage my time :(. Gonna try my hardest to post every few days though pretties.

I am absolutely loving the fact that maxi dresses are being carried out into winter. HOORAY. I love this due to the fact that I pretty much wore them the whole of summer. Check out this one, its absolutely gorgeous. I really love the colour in particular and the way it floats in the wind when your outside walking....dramatic. You can buy this wee gem from and you get this style in loads of different colours and prints too :) Hope you guys like.


Do you guys love my rings?? :) I got these ones from style and fashion blogger Lily Melrose (LLYMLRS) and you can buy them through her website loads to choose from. My ones were 3 for £8.

Shyzx xx

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