Sunday, 30 October 2011

When we were strangers, I watched you from afar

                                                       Skirt: Topshop, Top: American Apparall, Boots: Topshop

So was browsing through my computer and came across these forgotten snaps from summer which were originally to be used for our they go....finally. I absolutely love the skirt...the tie dye definately suits my inner hippy :). I realised it would probably not be a good idea to wear in the winter, however I could team with a pair of black tights?? Only problem is the fabric blows in the winter....and this being Scotland..maybe not. O well back in the wardrobe for a few months :(. The boots on the other hand are carrying me right through this wintery weather, I can't get enough of the wee beauties.

Had a pretty good weekend, went for a lovely dinner on friday and after three long weeks of being a hermit, I threw on my gladrags and went for a few drinks with my friends and had fun afterwards. Very much needed. Can indeed say im a happy Shybear today :D

Shyz xx


  1. Amazing outfit, that skirt is lovely x

  2. LOVE the skirt
    just to let you know I have a give-away coming up to celebrate 3 years of blogging, would love it if you took part-look for out the post entitled 'giveaway'!


  3. That skirt is incredible!!

    xoxo Jess