Monday, 9 April 2012

These zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart

Shirt: Topshop
Shorts: DIY
Ring: Marc Jacob
Boots: Topshop

Hello beauties. SO I have not been very good at updating lately. Boo me. I know I shouldn't use the weather as an excuse but I only really like taking my photos outside. Finally I get to showcase my new shorts that I did all by myself (very impressed). I know there has been massive hype lately with the whole customising/tie dying thought id give it a go myself. Actually thought about setting up a wee shop on the blog for you readers to buy. What are your thoughts on this?? 

How I did the shorts: 
  • Put raw bleach on one half of the shorts to drain the colour out
  • Once dried used DYLON hand dyes in powder pink
  • Bought some studs from ebay (came from Hong Kong) and studded the back pocket (used almost 50 just doing that!!)
I've been going crazy doing some more, stay tuned for updates on the blog. 

High Tea/Cocktail day

Yesterday me and a few of my friends attented a high tea party which consisted of the usual scones/fancies/sandwiches but instead of tea in the teapots contained a cocktail of your choice (great idea) AND you got a whole jug all to yourself and they were massive!! We did this at the Carmalite Hotel Aberdeen. Got a bit of a hangover today...

Listen to Young and Giant-Cough Syrup....I can't get enough of these guys! 

Shyz xx


  1. Your shorts are gorgeous, I would definitely buy them! Man I love your style x

  2. Lovely outfit, your shorts are amazing!

    Emma x

  3. your shorts are amaze!

    J x

  4. I want this necklace! loving the shorts too :)

  5. high tea sounds AMAZING must try this! Love the shorts x

  6. The first pic is gorgeous, a really pretty photo Shyla! xxx

  7. Great photo's, you did a great job on the shorts they look fab! Oh and you really remind me of Caroline Flack!

    joanne from

  8. You did a great job! Need to try something similar! Your necklace is amazing!

  9. ohh lord those shorts are beauties!!

  10. love your shorts-they are amazing!! xx

  11. Those shorts are uber cool. Lovely blog too - just found you through Twitter. You totes have a new follower :) xx

    South Molton St Style

  12. These are wicked! I'm inspired to get customising!

    Hatty xx

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies :) xxx

  14. i wish i had the time and skills to do these shorts they look amazing!!

    follow me: !!

  15. i LOVE that necklace.
    currently updating my jewellery collection and would love to know where you got it?
    Lush blog :) x

  16. Love a little tea party :D
    Adore your shorts <3