Sunday, 8 January 2012

Crash down fury red, Cracks in our hearts and heads

Jacket:Topshop ,Leggings:Topshop, Shoes:Litas

Here's a preview of what we were doing for our shift at work yesterday...much more fun than the usual day!! Our Topshop store wanted us to create a "new look" for our staff room so my good friend Becca Fennell was appointed store photographer and took all of our pics.....she did a phenomenal job. The wall in the staff room I'm sure will look A M A Z E. Of course I loved I wont lie, I absolutely love getting my photo taken (that obvious from the above haha)!! I thought I would make them as "blogger" as poss since everyone knows that is what I do. :)

The dip dye print jacket I am wearing is Topshop boutique (J'ADORE). I wanted it full price for ages and finally got it on sale from £75 to £30...was a very happy Shybear! Teamed with my leather panelled leggings and none other than Jeffrey Campbell litas as they make any outfit look fierce!! 

Here's a wee look at some of my stylish co-workers!!:

Becca (photographer)

I'm sure they're going to kill me for this!! haha

Shyz xx


  1. The first one is unreal.. I love it xx

  2. Gorgeous photos, fabulous jacket <3

  3. i am so jealous of your shoes!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!

  4. Bab i LOVE the second pic, crazy focus!! Awesome rings too!

  5. I am super jealous of your spike lita's!! Need them sooo bad x